SCORE Grant Profiles

Jackie Cimono

Injury: T3/T4
Cause: Rodeo accident
Place: Paso Robles, CA
Date: November 9, 2002

On November 9th, 2002, while participating in a rodeo competition in Paso Robles, California, Jackie's horse took off before she was ready, trapping her foot in a stirrup and dragging her around the arena and into its fences and gates. By the time Jackie's horse was brought under control, she had incurred substantial injuries, including crushed T3 and T4 vertebrae, a broken femur, collapsed lungs and other internal damage. The severity of these injuries required Jackie to be on life support for three weeks.

Jackie, who turned sixteen the day after her injury, quickly adopted a 'can do' attitude that inspired everyone around her, from family members and friends to doctors and nurses. In February 2003, only four months after her accident, Jackie returned to high school. The energy and focus that once was directed to rodeo has now been transferred to her rehabilitation and the sport of tennis. Jackie plays three or four days each week, and has entered several tournaments.

SCORE is pleased to support the rehabilitation of Jackie, and believes that she will continue to be a great ambassador for the disabled community!