SCORE Grant Profiles

Jarred Evans

Injury: Fracture of C-6 vertebrae
Cause: Surfing accident
Place: Los Angeles, CA
Date: August 19, 2004

In August of 2004, Jarred had recently moved to Los Angeles, proposed to his girlfriend and was pursuing his career of firefighting. However, a day of surfing off Santa Monica changed the direction of his life when a wave pushed his head into the bottom and fractured his C-6 vertebrae.

Today, Jarred is focusing on rehabilitation --- he is a quadriplegic with some arm and limited hand movement, but has retained sensation throughout his body.

SCORE provided a grant to Jarred so that he can aggressively pursue rehabilitation and commence his collegiate studies. SCORE also provided Jarred with a used hand-cycle which should assist with his cardio-vascular conditioning and arm strength.