SCORE Grant Profiles

Jay Soricelli

Injury: T 5/6
Cause: Motorcross accident
Place: Yaphank, NY
Date: December 28, 2003

While practicing motorcross on Long Island, Jay hit a hard patch of dirt and the back of his bike popped up. Unable to control the bike or his momentum, Jay was tossed over the handlebars, hit the ground and broke several of his ribs. Unfortunately, his bike was still airborne, and landed on top of him, breaking and fracturing several vertebrae.

Jay's upbeat, prankster personality has persisted despite the challenges he is currently facing. Within weeks of his injury, he was mentoring and providing moral support to fellow spinal cord patients. Jay is considering a return to college to pursue a new career, and has already commenced involvement in several wheelchair sports, including basketball.

SCORE is pleased to support the rehabilitation of Jay. The SCORE funds are earmarked for the renovation of his aunt's garage into a wheelchair-friendly apartment.