SCORE Grant Profiles

Ricky James

Injury: Burst fracture of T7
Cause: Motocross accident
Place: Texas
Date: March 10, 2005

Ricky was injured in March 2005 while competing in an amateur national motocross event in Texas. Ricky and another rider were vying for position when they made contact, sending him head-first into a dirt embankment. The impact resulted in a burst fracture to his T7 vertebrae, along with a broken wrist, broken ribs, and a collapsed lung.

Despite his paraplegia, Ricky has shown a remarkable ability to adapt. He was discharged after only five weeks in the hospital, quickly taught himself how to drive with hand controls, and has even modified a motocross bike so that he can ride once again.

SCORE assisted Ricky with purchasing a hand-cycle.