SCORE Grant Profiles

Rob Komosa

Injury: Fracture of C-1/2/3 vertebrae
Cause: Football accident
Place: Rolling Meadows, IL
Date: October 6, 1999

Rob was a senior in high school when he was injured. He was running with the ball at football practice when his legs were tackled by two teammates, and a third teammate hurled himself into Rob's mid-section and shoulders. Rob's head was driven into a 6-inch diameter fence post located too close to the sideline. He was immediately rendered unconscious and he stopped breathing. He was revived through CPR and taken to the hospital. As result of this injury Rob has no feeling or movement below his chin and must breathe with the assistance of a ventilator. He left the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago in April 2000.

Rob's family has incurred financial hardship. As a result of Rob's injury his mother, Barbara, had to leave her job and assist the nurses in order to provide 24-hour care. Rob has resumed high school at a center for students with physical handicaps and will complete an additional two years in preparation for college. SCORE was pleased to assist the family in modifying the family residence so that Rob could move out of the living room where he had been living since the injury. Today, Rob enjoys some personal living space in the lower level of the house.