SCORE Grant Profiles

Tim McPheeters

Injury: C-5/6
Cause: Trampoline accident (practicing wakeboard and snow ski maneuvers)
Place: Visalia, CA
Date: September 21, 2001

In the fall of 2002, Tim McPheeters was an accomplished wake boarder and snow skier. Over the summer, he had finished 3rd in a state amateur wakeboard competition, and he had attended a ski camp to polish his aerial maneuvers in anticipation of attempting professional competition during the upcoming winter. Unfortunately, during an afternoon of training on a trampoline, a flip went wrong and Tim was left a quadriplegic.

Tim's initial months in the hospital were extremely challenging --- complications from his initial treatment required him to be placed in a rotating bed for several months and he was on a ventilator. Despite these isolating and painful experiences, Tim remained in great spirits. When released from intensive care and placed into regular rehabilitation, he tackled his therapy with great energy and quickly became an inspiration to patients and staff alike at the medical center.

SCORE is pleased to provide Tim with a grant to assist in his pursuit of preparing for a return to snow skiing.